Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add several files at once?
If you want to upload a bunch of files at once, please use git to push the files to your Atlas repository. See the Getting Started guide for more information on using git.
When I try to push several files at once via git, why do I get an HTTP error?
If git gives an error that reads fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly, it usually indicates that your HTTP POST buffer is too small to handle the files being posted. Try increasing the buffer size by running the following command:
git config http.postBuffer 524288000
And then try your git push again.
Why is the HTML preview missing some images or showing other rendering errors?
Please consider the HTML preview to be a work in progress. It uses its own set of stylesheets which are distinct from those used to build the books. If you see a problem, please try building a PDF before reporting an error.
How do I delete a file?
Currently, you must use git rm via a git client to remove a file.
Why is my file not showing up on the Build screen?
Atlas looks for a file extension of .asciidoc and makes those files available to build. If you're using a file extension of .asc, please rename your files.
Can I use Markdown?
We like Markdown too but it is not robust enough for serious technical documentaion. While Atlas has very limited support for Markdown, we strongly encourage you to use AsciiDoc.