About the Author

Richard Silverman first touched a computer as a college junior in 1986, when he logged into a DEC-20, typed MM to send some mail, and was promptly lost to the world. He eventually resurfaced and discovered he had a career, which was convenient but somewhat disorienting, since he hadn't really been looking for one. Since earning his B.A. in computer science and M.A. in pure mathematics, Richard has worked in the fields of networking, formal methods in software development, public-key infrastructure, computer security, and Unix systems administration. He is a co-author on two O’Reilly titles: SSH, The Secure Shell (The Definitive Guide), and the Linux Security Cookbook.

Git Pocket Guide

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This pocket guide is the perfect on-the-job companion to Git, the distributed version control system. It provides a compact, readable introduction to Git for new users, as well as a reference to common commands and procedures for those of you with Git experience.

Written for Git version 1.8.2, this handy task-oriented guide is organized around the basic version control functions you need, such as making commits, fixing mistakes, merging, and searching history.

  • Examine the state of your project at earlier points in time
  • Learn the basics of creating and making changes to a repository
  • Create branches so many people can work on a project simultaneously
  • Merge branches and reconcile the changes among them
  • Clone an existing repository and share changes with push/pull commands
  • Examine and change your repository’s commit history
  • Access remote repositories, using different network protocols
  • Get recipes for accomplishing a variety of common tasks