Chapter 4. O’Reilly Word List

Alphabetical Word List: Default Spellings


acknowledgments anonymous FTP
ActionScript anti-pattern
ActiveX control appendixes
Addison-Wesley applet (or Java applet)
ad hoc AppleScript
ADO.NET AppleScript Studio (ASS)
Agile ARPAnet
  (cap when referring to Agile software development or when used on its own as a noun) ASCII
a.k.a. or aka (be consistent) ASP.NET
a.m. or A.M. at sign
Alt key autogenerate
Alt-N awk


backend bitmap
background processes bit mask
backquote Bitnet
backslash bit plane
Backspace key bitwise operators
backtick BlackBerry
backup (n) Boolean (unless referring
back up (v) to a datatype in code,
backward in which case s/b lowercase)
backward compatible Bourne-again shell (bash)
bandwidth Bourne shell
BeOS braces or curly braces
Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) brackets or square brackets
Berkeley Unix browsable
  (older books may have UNIX) _build->measure->learn_ cycle
BHOs built-in (a, n)
Big Design Up Front (BDUF) button bar


call-to-cation command line (n)
Caps Lock key command-line (a)
caret or circumflex Common Object Request
CAT-5 Broker Architecture (CORBA)
CD-ROM compact disc
C language (n) compile time (n)
C-language (a) compile-time (a)
checkbox CompuServe
checkmark Control key (Mac)
check-in (n) copyleft
classpath copyright
click-through (a) coworker
client/server CPU
client side (n) criterion (s), criteria (p)
client-side (a) cross-reference
co-class C shell
coauthor <CR><LF>
code set Ctrl key (Windows)
colorcell Ctrl-Alt-Delete
colormap Ctrl-N
Command key (Macintosh) curly braces or braces


database design time (n)
data block design-time (a)
Data Encryption Standard (DES) DNS
datafile DocBook
datatype or data type (be consistent) Document Object Model (DOM)
data is Domain Name System
dataset or data set (be consisten) dot
DB-9 dot-com
Debian GNU/Linux double-click
decision making (n) double-precision (a)
decision-making (a) double quotes
DevOps down arrow
dial-up (a) downlevel (a)
dial up (v) download
disk drag-and-drop (n)
disk-imaging software drag and drop (v)
Delete key drop-down (a)


ebook Engines of Groth
ebusiness Enter key
ecommerce equals sign
eBay ereader
Emacs Escape key (or Esc key)
email et al.
empty-element tag Ethernet
end-of-file (EOF) exclamation mark
end-tag Exim
end user (n.), end-user (adj.)  


failback Fortran 90
failover forward (adv)
fax frame type
file manager FreeBSD
filename Free Documentation License (FDL)
file server Free Software Foundation (FSF)
filesystem frontend
file type ftp (Unix command)
FireWire FTP (protocol)
foreground FTP site
FORTRAN full stack (Full Stack in headings), no hyphen, even if adjective


gateway GNU Emacs
Gb (gigabit) GNU Public License (GPL)
GB (gigabyte) GNUstep
GBps (gigabytes per second) Google PageRank
GHz grayscale
gid greater-than sign or >
GIMP greenlight (v)


handcode high-level (adj)
handoff (n) home page
hardcoded hostname
hardcore hotspot
hardcode (v) HTML
hardcopy HTTP
hard link hypertext
hash sign or sharp sign  


IDs intranet
IDE Intrinsics
inline I/O
inode IP (Internet Protocol)
interclient IPsec
Internet ISO
internetwork ISP


Jabber JAR archive
Jabber client JAR file
Jabber server JavaScript
Jabber applet JPEG


K Desktop Environment (KDE) keymaps
Kb (kilobit) keypad
KB (kilobyte) keystroke
  (denotes file size or disk space) keysym
Kbps (kilobits per second) keywords
Kerberos key performance indicators (KPIs)
keepalive (n or a) kHz (kilohertz)
keyclick Korn shell


Lean (capitalize noun or adjective when referring to Lean business methodology) LinuxPPC
local area network or LAN listbox
left angle bracket or < logfile
lefthand (a) login, logout, or logon (n or a)
leftmost log in, log out, or log on (v)
less-than sign or < lower- and uppercase
leveled (not levelled) lowercase
line-feed (a) lower-level (a)
line feed (n) lower-right (a)
Linux Linux Professional Institute (LPI)


Macintosh Meta-N
Mac OS MHz (megahertz)
Mac OS 9 (note the use of spaces) mice or mouses (be consistent)
Mac OS X (note the use of spaces) Microsoft Windows
machine learning (noun), machine-learning (adj.) Microsoft Windows Me
mail-handling (adjective) Microsoft Windows NT
manpage Microsoft Windows XP
markup Microsoft Windows 2000
Mb (megabit) MIDlet
MB (megabyte) MKS Toolkit
MBps (megabytes per second) MS-DOS
McGraw-Hill multiline[1]
menu bar Multi-Touch (when referring to Apple's trademark)
metacharacter My Services
Meta key MySpace


nameserver newline
name service newsgroups
namespace NeXTSTEP
the Net NOOP
.NET nonlocal[1]
NetBIOS Novell NetWare
NetBSD the New York Times


Objective-C OpenStep
object linking and embedding (OLE) OpenWindows
object-oriented programming (OOP) Option key (Macintosh)
object request broker (ORB) Oracle7
OK Oracle8
offline Oracle 8.0
offload Oracle 8i (italic “i”)
onboard Oracle 9i (italic “i”)
ongoing Oracle Parallel Query Option
online O’Reilly Media, Inc.
open source (n or a) OS/2
open source software (OSS) OSA
OpenBSD OSF/Motif
OpenMotif OS X


packet switch networks Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
Paint Shop Pro pop up (v, n)
pagefile pop-up (a)
page rank (but Google PageRank™) POP-3
parentheses (p) Portable Document Format (PDF)
parenthesis (s) Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Pascal Portable Operating
password   System Interface (POSIX)
pathname POSIX-compliant
pattern-matching (a) Post Office Protocol (POP)
peer-to-peer (or P2P) postprocess
performant (Oracle) PostScript
period Prentice Hall
Perl process ID
Perl DBI progress bar
plain text (n) pseudoattribute[1]
plain-text (a) pseudo-tty
Plug and Play (PnP) public key (n)
plug in (v) public-key (a)
plug-in (a, n) pull-down (a)
p.m. or P.M.  


qmail QuickTime
Qt quotation marks
QuarkXPress   (spell out first time it;
Quartz   can be “quotes” thereafter)
Quartz Extreme  


random-access (a) RFC 822
RCS rich text (n)
read-only (a) rich-text (a)
read/write right angle bracket or
real time (n) greater-than sign (>)
real-time (a) right-click
Red Hat Linux righthand (a)
Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) rmail
redirection roll back (v)
reference page or manpage rollback (n)
remote-access server rootkit
rename Rubout key
Rendezvous rulebase
  (Mac OS X Zeroconf networking) ruleset
Return (key) runtime (n, a)


Samba site map
saveset slideshow
screen dump Smalltalk
screenful SMP (a, n)
screensaver SOAP
screenshot Social Security number (SSN)
scroll bar source code
securelevel (in Linux) space bar
Secure Shell (SSH) spam (not SPAM)
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) spellcheck
sed scripts spellchecker
semicolon split screen
server-dependent square brackets or brackets
server side (n) standalone
server-side (a) standard input (stdin)
servlet standard output (stdout)
set up (v) start tag
setup (n) startup file
SGML status bar
sharp sign or hash sign stylesheet
shell (lowercase even in subprocess[2]
  shell name: Bourne shell) SUSE Linux
shell scripts swapfile
Shift key swapspace
shortcut sync
Simple API for XML (SAX) system administrator
single-precision (a) system-wide
single quote  


10-baseT thread pooling (n)
T1 time-sharing processes
t-shirt timestamp
Tab key time zone
TAR file title bar
TCP/IP Token Ring
Telnet (the protocol) toolbar
telnet (v) toolkit
terabyte tool tip
TEX top-level (a)
texinfo toward
text box trade-off
text-input mode troubleshoot


UK (for United Kingdom) UPSs
Ultrix up-to-date
Universal Serial Bus (USB) URLs
Unix (UNIX in many US (for United States)
  books, esp. older ones) Usenet
up arrow user ID (n)
upper- and lowercase user-ID (a)
uppercase username
upper-left corner  


v2 or version 2 Visual Basic .NET
VAX/VMS Visual Basic 6 or VB 6
VB.NET Visual C++ .NET
versus (avoid vs.) Visual Studio .NET
vice versa VS.NET
VoiceXML Volume One


the Wall Street Journal Windows 95
the Web (n) Windows 98
web (a) Windows 2000
web client Windows NT
webmaster Windows Vista
web page Windows XP
web server Wizard (proper noun)
web services (unless wizard (a, n)
  preceded by a proper noun, workaround
  as in Microsoft Web Services) workbench
website workgroup
white pages workstation
whitespace World Wide Web (WWW)
wide area network or WAN wraparound
WiFi writable
wiki write-only (a)
wildcard WYSIWYG


(x,y) (no space) XML Query Language (XQuery)
x-axis XML-RPC
Xbox XPath
X client XPointer
x coordinate XSL
X protocol XSLT
X server Yahoo!
X Toolkit y-axis
XView y coordinate
X Window series Zeroconf
X Window System   (short for “Zero Configuration”)
x86 zeros
xFree86 zip code
XHTML zip (v)
XLink ZIP file

[1] Unless before a proper noun, always close up the following prefixes: “non,” “sub,” “multi,” and “pseudo.”

[2] Unless before a proper noun, always close up the following prefixes: “non,” “sub,” “multi,” and “pseudo.”