The animal on the cover of Juniper SRX Series is the Spot-fin porcupinefish (Diodon hystrix). The porcupinefish is a close relative of the pufferfish family Tetraodontidae, which are commonly served as the Japanese delicacy Fugu. Like its famous relative, the porcupinefish secretes a poison thought to be tetradotoxin and can inflate itself to three times its normal size when threatened.

The porcupinefish has a short, round body and a mouth whose teeth are fused into two beak-like plates, making it easier for the porcupinefish to crush the shellfish it normally feeds on. It is grayish tan with black spots and is covered in small spines. It inhabits tropical areas in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. The porcupinefish begins its life floating in the open ocean, where it is often found near sargassum seaweed, along with thousands of sibling larvae. Young fish swim toward land and the adult fish spend the rest of their lives in shallow waters (3–20 meters below sea level). If eaten, the porcupinefish can sometimes escape by inflating itself in the throat of a predator.

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