About the Author

Mitchell Hashimoto is a passionate engineer, professional speaker, and entrepreneur. Mitchell has been creating and contributing to open source software for almost a decade. Mitchell speaks at dozens of conferences about his work, such as VelocityConf, OSCON, FOSDEM, and more. Mitchell is the founder of HashiCorp, a company whose goal is to make the best DevOps tools in the world, including Vagrant. Prior to HashiCorp, Mitchell spent five years as a web developer and another four as an operations engineer.

Vagrant: Up and Running

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Brought to you by Velocity 2013, Vagrant: Up and Running is available for free online for ONE WEEK ONLY.

Discover why Vagrant is a must-have tool for thousands of developers and ops engineers. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to use this open source software to quickly build a virtual machine for any purpose—including a completely sandboxed, fully provisioned development environment right on your desktop.

Vagrant creator Mitchell Hashimoto shows you how to share a virtual machine image with members of your team, set up a separate virtualization for each project, and package virtual machines for use by others. Start creating development environments with Vagrant, and learn how to save time, avoid frustration, and prevent costly errors.

  • Build a simple virtual machine with just two commands and no configuration
  • Create a development environment that closely resembles production
  • Automate software installation and management with shell scripts, Chef, or Puppet
  • Set up a network interface to access your virtual machine from any computer
  • Use your own editor and browser to develop and test your applications
  • Test complicated multi-machine clusters with a single Vagrantfile
  • Change Vagrant’s default operating system to match your production OS
  • Extend Vagrant features with plugins, including components you build yourself