About the Authors

Glenn Block is a currently working on the Azure team at Microsoft. He was previously a PM on the WCF team working on Microsoft’s future HTTP and REST stack as well as a PM on the new Managed Extensibility Framework in .NET 4.0. Glenn has a breadth of experience both inside and outside Microsoft developing software solutions for ISVs and the enterprise.

Pablo Cibraro is a software architect at Tellago Inc and an internationally recognized expert with over 10 years of experience in arquitecting and implementing large distributed systems with Microsoft Technologies. He has spent the past few years working directly with the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team on sample applications, patterns and guidance for building service-oriented applications with Web Services, Web Services Enhancements (WSE) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Pedro Felix lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where he teaches and studies programming and computer security related subjects.

Howard Dierking is Microsoft Program Manager on the WCF Web API team focusing on AppFabric. Prior to this position he has held several others at Microsoft including Editor-in-Chief of MSDN Magazine and Product Planner within Microsoft Learning.

Darrel Miller is co-owner of Tavis Software, a software solutions and services company specializing in the manufacturing sector. He spends his days showing people how to apply the REST architectural style to business applications.

Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET

by Glenn Block, Pablo Cibraro, Pedro Felix, Howard Dierking, and Darrel Miller

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Build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients—including browsers and mobile devices—with ASP.NET Web API. This practical guide shows you how to build evolvable HTTP services using Microsoft's new Web API framework. It included both real world design and technical guidance from members of the ASP.NET Web API team and it's early adopters. It will cover fundamentals of Web API design and how to apply them properly using the technology. You'll learn fundamentals like how to design and select a media type, how to build out your API, and then move on to more advanced topics like how to use content negotiation, leveraging hypermedia, securing and testing your API, and much much more.

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