Advance Praise for App Savvy

“Focus on making apps that people enjoy using and want to tell their friends and colleagues about. Having customers who evangelize your products is far more important than a short-term purchase spike because you’re selling your app for $0.99 rather than the price it is actually worth.”

—Justin Williams, Founder of Second Gear,

“Whether you’ve already launched a few apps in the App Store or are someone who has a unique (and possibly great) idea for a new app, this book is a must-read. Covering all the aspects of app development, marketing, and beta testing, App Savvy is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to enter the huge market of the App Store. What really impressed me is the attention to the smallest details Ken put in describing often-underrated stages like ‘idea evaluation’ or the importance of hiring the right team. Even if you have already released an app, you need to read this book. It will make you more competitive in the App Store. Guaranteed.”

—Federico Viticci, Editor of MacStories,

“Ken has outlined a comprehensive and well-grounded soup-to-nuts strategy for any company looking to create value via mobile applications. By combining solid principles for mobile strategy as well as practical guidance for execution, he makes for a great sherpa in navigating this terrain.”

App Savvy is a great product management primer, focused specifically on mobile apps. It takes you from idea to getting your app in the App Store. Lots of technical tips make the book ideal for people who are just starting out creating an iPhone or iPad app, and each chapter has an interview or two with people who have actually done it.”

—Steve Johnson, Product Management Evangelist at Pragmatic Marketing,