The animal on the cover of Dojo: The Definitive Guide is a lion-tailed monkey (Macaca silenus ). This rare monkey lives primarily in the rain forests of southern India, where it spends its days avoiding humans, foraging, and exploring.

Easily recognizable for its silvery-white mane, the monkey (also known as the lion-tailed macaque or wanderloo) is also distinguished by the tuft of hair on its tail. Like other macaques, it lives in groups of 10 to 20 monkeys in a hierarchical order involving a few males and many females. The male is a territorial creature and will defend his home by screaming at monkeys or other invaders not native to his habitat.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the lion-tailed monkey is one of the most threatened primates in the world, due largely to the destruction of its habitat by humans. Many zoos now participate in breeding programs to help sustain the survival of the monkey.

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